Mike Chew

Vice President, Asset Management, REO Carrington Property Services LLC

Mike Chew is directly responsible for Carrington Property Services’ Asset Management team. The Asset Management team provides customizable REO solutions for internal and external mortgage servicers, financial institutions, and GSEs.

Mike has over 20 years leadership experience with 15 years spent in the mortgage industry. Over the past nine years Mike’s focus has been the residential REO space where he’s lead sales and marketing teams, regulatory and compliance divisions, evictions, and property management groups overseeing portfolios in excess of 30,000 properties. Mike is always looking for ways to improve processes, gain efficiencies and shorten the REO timelines.

Prior to joining Carrington Property Services, Mike spent seven years at Bank of America as Vice President of REO Operations as well as Vice President of REO Sales and Marketing. Other leadership roles included Regional Sales Manager at Wachovia Mortgage and District Wholesale Leader at World Savings.